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LIL is different.

While other organizations call themselves consulting or coaching companies, we believe we are growth catalysts. We build leaders who inspire others to transform teams and organizations.

Unlock your full potential with Leaders Inspire Leaders. Our innovative approach to leadership development combines cutting-edge technology, proven methods, and personalized coaching to help you and your team reach new heights. With a focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity, we create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. Whether you’re looking to boost your career, drive growth for your organization, or simply lead with more purpose and impact, we’ve got you covered. Join the leaders who inspire others, and start your journey today.

About us

Elevate Your Leadership, Elevate Your Impact

Leaders Inspire Leaders (LIL) is a management consulting firm that is dedicated to improving employee engagement and retention for virtual and hybrid workforces. Founded by Isokoy McDermott, LIL offers a unique combination of prescriptive training and coaching through its Inclusion Software as a Service (iSaaS) solution.

At LIL, we believe that by providing managers with the right tools and training, organizations can drive positive change and improve employee engagement. We are passionate about our mission and committed to making a difference in the lives of managers and their teams. Join us on the journey towards a more inclusive and high-performing future.

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Our expertise

Dedicated to Leadership Excellence

Today’s business environment is transforming, and companies must develop influential leaders that rise to meet daily challenges and motivate their teams.


Culture creates the foundation for collaborative work. With the arrival of Inclusion as a Software Service (iSaaS), working in a hybrid or remote environment is no longer a liability but a way to engage and respect your team members.

Online Reputation Management

A cost-effective way to promote your brand, improve your image and grow your business, our ORM service enables strategic operations with ease, from correcting false reviews to engaging with customers on social media.

Leadership Training

We help teams learn how to collaborate and problem solve in a way that does not blame or label individuals. Our training provides the tools for you to create an inclusive environment for all generations.

Our vision

Ethical leadership and sustainable impact

LIL’s vision is to empower managers and create high-performing, inclusive work environments for virtual and hybrid workforces. By providing prescriptive training and coaching through a scalable software solution, we aim to improve employee engagement and retention for organizations everywhere. Our goal is to be at the forefront of this change, leading the way in developing innovative solutions for the modern workplace.

Our specialities

Lead with Confidence. Inspire with Heart.

Join the path to leadership excellence with Leaders Inspire Leaders, guided by our visionary CEO, Koy McDermott.

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Leadership Insights

Empowering the Modern Leader through Thought-Provoking Content

Accelerate Innovation

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs. Get tips to accelerate innovation for your business without breaking the bank.

Effective To-Do Lists

“All great leaders swear by having a to-do list” – Napoleon Hill. Discover the 3 tweaks to your to-do list that can help increase productivity and achieve your goals.

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Learn this one simple step to become successful on LinkedIn.

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Learn the secret to productively managing your daily life.


Real Results from Real Leaders

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