Effective To-Do Lists – Millennial Nugget of Purpose

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Effective To-Do Lists – Millennial Nugget of Purpose

Koy McDermott

“All great leaders swear by having a to-do list” – Napoleon Hill.


All great leaders swear by having a to-do list to not only keep them on task throughout the day, but to help them accomplish their goals. If you are tired of being the majority of people who have to-do lists and still find themselves unproductive and unaccomplished, here are 3 tweaks that I have made to creating to-do lists that have worked for me & I know will work for you!

1. Create your list the night before – I was struggling to stay on task during the day and not only found myself behind, but I was also missing my high performance time which for many of us, is in the morning. Creating your list at night helps you to hit the ground running and begin tackling them so you are not wasting any of your energy pack minutes creating a list. This also helped me to sleep better as by writing down those high priority items that need to get done, acknowledges them so they are no longer swirling around in my mind to keep me awake.

2. Focusing on quality not quantity – Make a to-do list of important goals that you would like to accomplish today. I would like to stress the words important & accomplish today. Not all goal are important and not all of them are important to accomplish today. Focusing on what is important helps you to keep lists small and manageable. I recommend no more than three goals, and make sure they are important to accomplish for that day.

3. Assign time estimates – This tweak alone made a world of difference. Honestly assess how long you believe it will take you to accomplish a goal on your to-do list. This helps with prioritization, keeping you focused if you notice that you are beginning to go over time, and ensures you are not over assigning goals for a given day.

Incorporating these 3 tips will ensure that when you get to the end of the day you have accomplished what was on your priority list not just other people’s.

As Always Be Inspiring & Stay Inspired!

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